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Compound Update

Was hoping to get alot of trading done during my time off work, but that just has not happened, i started the Compound with a bank of £100 on 1st October, 15 trades, only 2 losing puts me on Day 26 at £126.74. This is 1 day behind where i should be so relatively happy i've kept up without alot of trading.

Drunk trading on my other account has led to quite a few reds and have decided i cant be trusted with a big bank at the moment and id rather build the compound account up which should in theory help my overall trading as to not overtrade and only take the best trades available not just anything and everything. There is 6 days left of October so would be nice to get a bit of a buffer on the real chart for when there isn't much football on or when i'm at work so cant trade.

Next update 31st October and hopefully learnt how to make a graph in excel not done that since school.

December 31st Goal is to hit £244.86 but hoping its a lot greater than that.

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