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2nd Jan

Happy New Year to all

12:30 Tottenham vs Leeds O2.5 / O1.5FH

12:30 Rangers vs Celtic O1.5

14:30 Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin O1.5/O2.5

14:30 Frankfurt vs Leverkusen O2.5

15:00 Crystal Palace vs Sheff Utd Draw 0-0

15:00 Norwich vs Barnsley Norwich Win

15:00 Rotherham vs Cardiff O2.5

15:00 Millwall vs Coventry U2.5

15:00 Preston vs Nott F Lay Nott F

15:00 Swansea vs Watford U2.5

15:00 Swindon vs Wigan Wigan Win

15:00 Afc Wimbledon vs Lincoln O2.5/O3.5

15:00 Aberdeen vs Dundee Utd Aberdeen Win

15:00 Hamilton vs Motherwell O2.5

16:00 Galatasary vs Antalyspor O2.5/3.5

19:30 Stuttgart vs Leipzig O2.5

20:00 Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo Real Madrid Win

And Whilst writing this late, Rangers vs Celtic looks good for a first half goal or 2, fast start by Celtic and tackles already flying in

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