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December 12th

Not a whole lot of trading for me today, hopefully get on a few horse races to scalp in play and a few football games before 3, then it will be chill out time and a drink or 3 to watch the Football and Boxing

Denmark Division 1 1200 Hvidovre Skive

Germany 3rd League 1300 Duisburg Wiesbaden

Slovakia Superliga 1300 Senica Zlate Moravce

Germany Bundesliga 1430 Leipzig Bremen

Germany Bundesliga 1430 Dortmund Stuttgart

England Premier L 1500 Newcastle West Bromwich

England Championship 1500 Queens Park Reading

England Championship 1500 Bournemouth Huddersfield

England League Two 1500 Salford Cheltenham

England Conference 1500 Chesterfield Barnet

Thats my shortlist up to 1500, hopefully get involved in 2 or 3, and if theres anything obvious inplay once the action gets under way.

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2nd Jan

Happy New Year to all 12:30 Tottenham vs Leeds O2.5 / O1.5FH 12:30 Rangers vs Celtic O1.5 14:30 Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin O1.5/O2.5 14:30 Frankfurt vs Leverkusen O2.5 15:00 Crystal Palace

December 15th

Been a bit busy of late, will check the football later on, haven’t got time to scalp on geekstoy today but one of not is a B2L on Halycon Days, wait till the off as it usually drifts


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