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Bots or not to Bots

Although the bots where showing small profit weekly i was having to do to much work record keeping to keep it at that level so have gone away and hoping to get more of a press set and leave now whilst including alot more races and a profit target stop. This should give me slow profits every week and i will still have time to do everything else i want. Be live tomorrow till Friday so will provide update at the end of the week on them 4 days.

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2nd Jan

Happy New Year to all 12:30 Tottenham vs Leeds O2.5 / O1.5FH 12:30 Rangers vs Celtic O1.5 14:30 Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin O1.5/O2.5 14:30 Frankfurt vs Leverkusen O2.5 15:00 Crystal Palace

December 15th

Been a bit busy of late, will check the football later on, haven’t got time to scalp on geekstoy today but one of not is a B2L on Halycon Days, wait till the off as it usually drifts

December 12th

Not a whole lot of trading for me today, hopefully get on a few horse races to scalp in play and a few football games before 3, then it will be chill out time and a drink or 3 to watch the Football an

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