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Sports round up

Well its my first post of what I hope will be the start of a new and successful website, by that I think if I have 10 people coming here a week in 5 years id be happy. This will mainly follow my Sports Trading journey and il be using it as more of a diary and record making, hopefully give a round up of any sports I’ve seen for the week and what's going to be coming up, keep an eye on the Sports Trading Blog which il be posting in on the days I trade with my thoughts and a weekly / monthly Profit or Loss and check out my other hobbies of Brewing and BBQing and hope we can get a few like minded people to be posting there weekly brews or cooks and give any tips or advice to anybody else. Lets Go.


A hectic F1 Grand Prix closes an altogether slow week, great driving by Gasly, I was on Sainz and thought he would have it sewn up after Lewis messing up but because the pit lane was shut those that pitted early came out on top as all the field was then bunched up and the likes of Gasly and Raikkonen ended up at the front, Sainz just 1 lap to short as he would of surely done him on the next after closing right up in the last lap. Ferrari again underperforming not only in Qualifying but also reliability with Vettel losing his brakes very early on, Leclerc also struggled all week but his error to get on the power to early put the other Ferrari out on there home Grand Prix.


Last Sat night ( Sun morning for us ) showed fight night Overeem v Sakai, Was a good card for fight fans as only 2 fights went the distance, and we got ‘treated’ if you want to call it that to Michel Pereira doing his usual, entertaining yes, but will it get him to the top, doubtful, his last fight ended in a DQ and the fight before that he lost when he was a heavy favourite with the bookies against Connelly, if you have 10 minutes maybe check that fight out and watch how crazy his ring entrance and round 1 was and wonder why he was gassed, wont lie look forward to the fight against one of the big boys and I think they will find him out quite quickly unless he changes tactics, Overeem headlined showed a great champions performance, quite a slow start but going 5 rounds cant be easy for these heavyweights, Sakai fought well for 3 rounds but was clear once Overeem started the ground game Sakai couldn’t handle it probably should of finished him in the 4th but Sakai looked very downbeat and tired coming out for the 5th and when Overeem immediately went for the takedown you knew it wouldn't last another 4 minutes 30secons with Overeem raining down blows and duely the referee stopped it. Next up is Angela Hill v Michelle Waterstone, think Hill will have the edge she enjoys a good tear up


NFL gets back underway this Thursday night (Friday Morning for us in the UK) I wont pretend to know all the tactics, plays and players but have always enjoyed it that has turned into watching every week for the last 3 to 4 years helpful that ive been working nights as that's when all the games are on here, and try to get to London at least once a season to catch a match, all the attention has been on Tampa Bay Buccaneers after signing the dream team of Brady and Gronk but I think they will struggle to make the playoffs, strange seeing Brady move to another team instead of retire but maybe he just wants to enjoy the sun down in Tampa or could be a big Disney fan ? I think Cam Newton replacing him could be a great change up aslong as he stays fit, a genuine running QB expect to see Edelman to Newton a few times this year. I think Baltimore could be the pick for the Superbowl, but might rely to heavily on Jackson, everybody knows what he is going to do but still cant stop him, the browns have all the tools in Mayfield, Beckham and Hunt but were underwhelming last year, maybe being together for 2 years and having Hunt all season could be the game changer. I’ll go Ravens or Browns superbowl appearance.


As I am sure everyone is aware its finally the start of the new season, in England that is, with other country's already getting underway. The premiership is shaping up to be one of the best so far, teams at the bottom have strengthened, Aston Villa being one and think Newcastle getting a goalscorer in Wilson can push them towards the top half, Leeds back to the top and I think with Bielsa and the chequebook there throwing round look like a good shot for a Europa League spot. Everton with a marquee singing of Rodriguez but still don’t think that will shape up anything other than a mid table finish again. I like the look of Chelsea this year with some major signings I think they will run the top 2 very close and maybe even sneak it. In the championship my pick to look out for is Derby, they have a nice young team and with Rooney and Cocu there to guide them can see them being right up there and at least a playoff spot now the young team got a good run of games together last season. League 1 I think it will be all about the Lancashire teams Fleetwood and Blackpool, Joey has Fleetwood playing well but without any real investment could struggle towards the end of the season when they run out of legs, Blackpool have looked impressive in the off season market with some very decent young signings, id almost say its a definite to be promoted within 2 seasons incase they need this to work together and buy into Critchleys style of play but the pre season they have had has been very impressive and there sure to ship a lot of goals in this year which I can see them getting in the top 6 for. League 2 Bolton are favourites for instant promotion back and with new manager Evatt and all the financial worries it wont be as easy as the bookies are making out, I like Tranmere to be up there at the end of the season with 2 very good strikers for League 2 in Ferrier and Vaughan, and if Holloway can get Grimsby on a run of games and confidence up they might fancy there chances at nicking that top 7 spot. Roll of Friday night.

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