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My 2nd attempt at a Brisket but 1st using Meator stick. First get about 1.5kg of Brisket, I injected some beef stock and then applied a simple salt and pepper texas rub. Wrap it in cling film the leave overnight. Early start so got the brisket out around 9am with a view to stick in on bbq at around 10:30am once up to heat.

Used my usual wood to smoke of Hickory chips and a few Mesquite chunks on Whittle and Flame Charcoal

In the morning also added some smoke rub and brown sugar to help create a nice bark. after the first hour i then started spraying every 20 minutes or so with apple juice and apple cider vinegar

Nice bark produced if i do say so myself, Meator stick getting a good roasting, had to clean the tip as it lost signal but that was easy and quick to do. I usually wrap in foil but read to use greaseproof paper instead so double wrapped in that and back on the bbq.

As you can see hit the stall around 160f and that lasted about 3 hours before then rising quite quickly to 200, I then foiled it and put it in a makeshift cooler for an hour to let the juice soak back in. I left the stick in as i was worried about eating cold meat leaving it that long but i think it was still around 175/180 even after an hour.

Sliced, nice and moist so very happy for my 1st proper attempt.

All washed down with a few of these Balvenie Caribbean Casks.

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