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Boston Butt

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

So I am back again this time with a nice slab of Boston Butt roughly 2.5kg with the bone in.

I start of by rinsing the Pork under the tap and then drying with paper towels. The pork should not then smell otherwise could be off. I gave it a nice injection of apple juice and apple cider vinegar and then rub mustard all over it to give my rub something to stick to. I mix up a variety of spices in a bowl, salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, bit of cayenne pepper, cumin and brown sugar, then wrap it tight in cling film and fridge overnight. In the morning i get it out about 9am ready for an 11am start, i also add a little more BBQ spice rub ontop.

My new charcoal from Whittle and Flame arrived recommended by a successful Sports Trader and BBQ enthusiast.

Meater stick in to monitor the temp, I used mainly Apple chips and 1 lump of Mesquite to smoke it, bit of water in the pan underneath it to keep it moist. I try to keep the temp around 230-250 which i managed for most part but then when i had to start another chimney of Charcoal of really struggled to keep the temp consistent.

As you can see it took a mammoth 9 hours, it stalled for quite abit which is what i was expecting but towards the end when i was chasing the temp of around 195 so I let it get a bit hotter as it was late and i had a hungry wife. As you can see at about the 4hr 30 mark for the next 3 hours it didn't rise much at all. After about 3 hours i also then stated spraying it with apple juice and apple cider vinegar about every 30 minutes, keeps it moist and gives it a nice Bark. The last 2 hours i wrapped it in foil and added some apple juice in there to.

While that was cooking i made a fresh baguette, basically just water, flour, yeast and abit of skimmed milk powder, salt and sugar. Which i was very impressed with on my first attempt.

Right time to get that Meat off.

Place some foil over the top think i let it rest about 30 minutes, would of done abit longer but was getting late.

Juicy Pulled Pork as if by magic, although unsure if that picture looks appealing or not, was much better in person :)

Now onto the real good stuff, went for a Lynchburg Lemonade, Jack Daniels Single Barrel, Triple Sec, bit of lemon juice and very small splash of Lemonade and Ice.

Enjoyed the challenge and was definitely worth it, could of course done it better, probably start earlier than 11am, then theres no panic on if the stall lasts a while.

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