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Beef Rib

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Got 2 nice beef ribs to smoke

First things first, night before give it a rinse then apply some mustard to help the rub, i start with a base layer of mustard on most things. Some salt and pepper and then a premade bbq rub called dirty cow with a little added brown sugar.

I used Hickory and a lump of Mesquite wood to go ontop of the charcoal, water pan underneath to keep the ribs moist, then after 1 hour of smoke i then spray apple cider vinegar and apple juice periodically to get the outside to bark up nice. When i have to light some more coal usually around 3 hours i then wrap the ribs with some apple juice inside and cooks for another 2 and a half hours.

Whilst i take it off to rest, i then make some creamy mash, Potatoes, thick double cream, splash of milk, butter and a bit of salt.

Meat fell of the bone for the picture

Other rib sitting nicely on the Creamy mash, last time i cooked beef rib i added a bbq glaze for the last half and hour of cook but this time i didn't bother to check the difference. Meat tender and smoky and was moist enough no additional sauce was neccessary.

Onto the drink, i chose to go for a Manhattan this time, i'm usually and Old Fashioned guy but thought id give this a go, 50ml Jim Bean Rye, i have now got some Rittenhouse Rye for future Manhattans, 35ml Sweet Vermouth, shaken over ice then strained, add 2 dashes of Agostura BItters and a Maraschino Cherry.

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