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A good Old Fashioned Tomahawk

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Last weekend got myself a lovely looking Tomahawk

I start by just trimming of a bit of the steak to have during the week so it doesn't go to waste, wasn't expecting it to be that thick. Grab the salt and pepper mix and season generously, then add on top of that a light dusting of beef rub, specially around that bone. Leave that for an hour or 2 whilst the meat gets to room temperature. Then i fire up the Weber using the chimney starter - which is the best thing i've bought, highly recommend if your thinking about it. I rub butter into both sides of the steak and then set it near the coals, be careful though as the butter and fat will ignite the coals and flame up. I'm now using a Meater stick so i can keep an eye on the temperature inside and outside of the steak and can move it closer or further from the coals if need be, great bit of kit, if you like good food its definitely a good investment, can be used on a variety of meats and can be used on the BBQ, oven, gill, pan anything you like.

As you can see not a smooth graph as i had to go quickly move it as temp soared and was flaming up onto the steak but other than that, was great, taken of the heat just before it hit medium which resulted in a great Medium steak, nice and juicy.

And whats better to go with a big piece of meat than an Old Fashioned.

Grab a tumbler, ice, bit of brown sugar and couple of drops of Angostura Bitters, then mix well for a minute or two, get that sugar mixed in well then for this one I used a generous helping of Woodford Reserve for that smoky flavour and a dash of cherry syrup.

This probably reads like a child has wrote it :) not a bad first attempt but they will get better, next up will be some ribs i think, till then keep smoking.

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