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Trading - Full disclosure another bank blown, well about 75% bank blown, 25% gambled away trying to win the 100% back to start again 😂

At least 2 weeks off now till payday if not 6 weeks until I finish work for Christmas, I believe I’m so close to kicking the ball over the line there’s just a few things to correct, Need to streamline my strategy’s and re read through everything I’ve learnt, have spent well over 4 figures on trading courses all together on football/horses/tennis/cricket in the hope it’s a worthy investment, and il make that back plus more, most have been useful in one way or another. I am just sometimes lazy and want everything put on a plate for me. I am guilty of over trading and even more guilty of drinking and trading, even changing these 2 I’m sure would result in a green month.

Another of my errors is I’m in to many groups, to much noise going on, il find my matches, which aren’t usually to bad some scratches small wins the odd loss but then they get dwarfed each time anybody says there on this game and that, I just rush to betfair to trade it and well yep there’s no goals, ignore the next one that gets put on the group, yep 5 goals 😂 I don’t want a get rich scheme and even if/when I become a profitable trader consistently monthly can’t see me ever leaving my job so would only ever be an additional income for the nicer things in life

So over the next 2/4 weeks il be removing free groups and paid for groups apart from the odd 1 or 2 as I know now how the good guys are and nice to be in the odds small group of like minded people, going through each strategy as I know what I like and what works for me and to leave the rest and hopefully by the end of play in November or December, il be scratch as that will show I’m doing everything right and in control , green great , red not an option


That’s pretty much it for this year, hopefully come Feb/March I might get another Chance to get back out


Il be starting the set the Forums going and hope to at least get one brew on the go and write up.

Let’s get the ball over the line 🤞

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