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4th and 5th and tonight

Busy at work but still managed to blow quite a bit on Sunday but looking at the results I like to think I wasn’t the only one, didn’t want to miss out again while at work and as you see didn’t work, only 1 trade yesterday but was a full loss. Bots still going well however yesterday 1 took a loss, out of 141 races its have 111 winnning results 78.7% however that doesn’t tell the full story as it depends what odds your getting, need to work out the ROI but I’ve started on small £0.5 stakes with a recovery on all 3 and has given back £20 in 5 days, will probably slowly increase stakes on thursday at the start of week 2. Tonight lots of EFL cup action, don’t really like cup games especially that competition as the majority field weekened teams, have got a few trades lined up though and if I see anything obvious or in the game I’m watching il get in

Bots running again hopefully yesterday was just an anomaly

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